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MT4 EA dll does not work with MT5

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dene999 2010.10.13 00:43 
I have a .dll which worked in MT4 but I get "Cannot import [function]" on Vista 64 bit, and "Cannot load [dll path]" on XP.  Are there any special steps that must be taken to make a C++ dll work with a MT5 EA?
Alexey Da
Alexey Da 2010.10.13 15:20  

Give us an example.

Which DLL and which function did you try to use? How did you do it?

dene999 2010.10.13 22:53  

When I download and test code from this article it happens, no changes made to code.  Dll is placed in Libraries folder after compiling.

 I get a "Cannot import.." error for every function in the dll that is used in the EA. 

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