operator for not work

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Febry Romadhon
Febry Romadhon  
can you help me with the problem friend , what wrong ? . operator for not work .
Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  

use curly brackets

   // Do something...
Febry Romadhon: what wrong ? . operator for not work .
  1. Please don't post image, of code. When you post code please use the CODE button (Alt-S)! (For large amounts of code, attach it.) Please edit your post.
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  2. "Doesn't work" is meaningless - just like saying the car doesn't work. Doesn't start, won't go in gear, no electrical, missing the key, flat tires - meaningless.

  3. Check your return codes for errors, report them. Don't just silence the compile, it is trying to help you.
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    Only those functions that return a value (e.g. iClose, MarketInfo, etc.) must you call ResetLastError before in order to check after.

  4. Marco is correct, your increment is not part of the loop.
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