Chart settings check error

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So I've noticed that many iphone users including myself are dealing with a metatrader 4 issue where the settings, objects, or quote screens keep getting reset back to factory settings. This happens periodically. Every couple days or so.

For me it would reset the chart settings and delete all my objects and indicators.

Whenever this reset occurs, in the journal it will show: Chart settings check error

Has anyone had experience with this error and figured out how to fix it?

So far I have sent a message to service desk. They advised to go to Apple since this is an issue with "random apps resetting". The issue doesnt happen on any apps except metatrader on my iphone. 

I then went to Apple support and they confirmed this is an issue with the 3rd party app (metatrader 4) since this issue doesnt happen on any other apps.

Please help!!! anyone that knows how to fix this

Jose Luis Lominchar
Jose Luis Lominchar  


I am getting same issue, on both iPhone 4S and iPhone 8.

I think this could be a memory 'leak' or something like that, because for me, this happens when I have drawn a lot of line-objects. Last time I have 4 horizontal lines in 30 forex symbols (4 x 30 = 120 lines).

For me this is very important issue because I only trade within my phone.

Here the trace error in case somebody could help:


MetaTrader 4 build 1093 (64-bit) rev.3 started on iPhone10,4 (arm64)

translator codepage is CP1252

connecting to Darwinex-Live through Main CN

chart settings check error



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