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Discrepancy in trading conditions. Symbol unavailable

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I'm just starting to do some tests with the signals service. But there's something i don't understand and i haven't found reference about it.

When subscribing to a signal, using the mql5 page, sometimes there's a warning saying that discrepancies between accounts could cause the loss of signal propagation...

With some signal providers, despite the fact that this warning is present, the site allows you to continue the subscription. But with others it disables the option for subscription, what i don't understand is why some accounts display a different set of character for the symbol?. For example:

the signal "Taipei" available in the listing of metatrader 4 demo accounts, uses the symbols AUDUSDm, GBPUSDm. 

 I assume that difference in symbols is the discrepancy the signal is warning about. What's the deal with that 'm' ? aren't those just trades in AUDUSD and GBPUSD markets respectively? What kind of account should i use then to subscribe a signal with such symbols?

 Thanks in advance.

Kind regards. 

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Taken from this post :

In what cases subscription can be canceled automatically?
To correctly copy trades from Provider's account to Subscriber's account at least the same trading symbols are required. When you subscribe to a signal, the client terminal checks if symbols on both accounts match, i.e. if Subscriber has all the symbols used by Provider to trade and open positions. Only if this check is passed, the client terminal will allow you to copy trades.

If at some point Provider will trade symbol that Subscriber does not have, copying of trades will be automatically canceled and the terminal will display the corresponding dialog box and log to the Journal.

Provider is trading symbol called GOLD, and my broker has the same instrument, but it is called XAUUSD. Can I map symbols with different names by myself? In other words, is it possible to copy GOLD trades to XAUUSD?

No, you are not allowed to specify rules of mapping Provider's and Subscriber's symbols.

The client terminal automatically maps Forex trading symbols like EURUSD*. If Provider has symbol EURUSD! and Subscriber has symbol EURUSD (or vice versa), client terminal automatically detects similarity of such trading instruments and replaces their names when copying trading signals.

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