Create a datetime variable and compare it - page 2

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nicholi shen
nicholi shen  
Jack Thomas:

Why spoon feed the answers to people like that?

The OP already said they were using an EA builder and not actually coding the system.
All they needed to do was look in the MQL documentation and they could have found the answer.

They're just being lazy and wanted other people to do the work for them for free.

I do what I want. OP had a clearly formed request and it likely took me ten times less effort to give him an answer than you guys spend whining and complaining. 

Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas  

I don't understand your annoyance.So everyone who knows forex and want to automate the strategie must know mql4?We are not all programers.

I ask 2 lines code for help me bust my strategie for some expert.I will be sure for the output that's way,but not if i done it and tring to find the errors for that.

Ιs at the disposal of everyone to help if they want.Of cource there are people @Jack Thomas who get money from programming mql4,so that's why they are annoyed of that.

Well since you referenced me.

No you are wrong.

I am not annoyed by you due to my making money from mql4 programming.

I generally only take a project if it seems interesting to me, otherwise I make a fairly sizable income from trading and I live quite comfortably for my lifestyle that I want.

My income has very little to do with coding projects.

What I do find annoying however, is when people are too lazy to read the documentation to find the answer for themselves.

You've even stated that you have no interested in understanding how it all works, you just want people to tell you the answers.

You are lazy, and expect others to do the work for you.

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