Does Last Increase Of The Minimum Freelance Service Fee (30$) Supported The Service? - page 2

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Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

i think it should be set back to original price which is $10 per job,

if the coder are not happy with the payment or they think the job worth higher payment,

then just dont accept that job.

as a reminder, i have a verified acc and had post several job which i unable to done.

There are much more customers/traders/non-programmers in mql4/mql5 world than the coders.
Besides, the coders are producing ... the customers are not producing, they are just paying ...

So, if the coders decided to increase their minimum price for their job - the customers will accept it.

There are much less coders/programmers than traders/non-programmers, and if coders do not want to work for 10 dollars - so nothing you can do with it. 

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