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vProblems with MT4 and ForexCopier2 on Win7 Ultimate 64bit

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Hi Forum, I have massive problems now after I had to buy me a new pc that runs with win7 ultimate 64bit.
Before I had an old laptop running 32bit win7 ultimate and never encountered those problems.

I use the MT4 of JFD brokers and Pepperstone - and first I like to know if its possible to choose a different install folder - as the installer just puts the MT4 into ProgramFiles(x86)

MT4 itself runs ok - only when I use ForexCopier2 now I cant get it running smoothly.
Im in contact with FC2 support but maybe I find answers here too.

If I run ForexCopier2 the files it uses are copied into the appdata/roaming folders of the MT4. That worked fine with 32bit windows BUT NOW with 64bit windows its not working anymore.
Instead I have to copy all the files manually from appdata/roaming into the equal folders in ProgramFiles(x86) now. Only then the MT4 "sees" them and can use them.

And this ONLY happens with Win7 64bit now !!!

Do you know ANY solution to this problem ????

Second is - that ForexCopier2 creates a folder where it stores the SenderEA.dll orders. 
BUT unfortunately now the ReceiverEA.dll looks for tasks in a complete different folder in his MT4 - and I have no idea why that now happens.

Th copying isnt working but I have no chance in setting any path' to folders while running the setup files.
So I wonder why in Win7 64bit suddenly everything goes havoc ....

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  

Unfortunately there is no support for trade copiers. 

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