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make symbol()

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I brought a file of history through the fileopen function.

However, I failed to replace the Symbol.

Multi Pair information is needed in ea, but it is not possible for testing.

(It is not intended to trade multiple varieties in a single ea

In real transaction, I plan to utilize " iopen, " " iclose, " and so on.

Therefore, the Symbol function should be created via the Fileopen function.

Tell me if you know how to do this or if you have any comments.

Please don't write the " Reference " address only.


   string directory_name = "Data";
   string file_name = "EURGBP30-1.csv";
   double data_double_open[];
   int data_size;
     int file_handle = FileOpen(file_name, FILE_READ|FILE_CSV,",");
     if(file_handle != INVALID_HANDLE)
      PrintFormat("Fileopen. Name : %s", file_name);
      data_size = 3;
      for(i = 0; i< data_size; i++)
            data_double_open[i]= FileReadNumber(file_handle);

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  

Wrong approach!

The prices for the terminals are coming from the broker including with their properties (I assume your data don't have any properties, just prices).

All the functions like iClose(), ... accesses these data from the broker.

Beside that you can't access folder outside the mt4-sandbox with the mt4 file functions - you would have to use the functions of the kernel32.dll

Maybe you can create offline charts (search here or google!).

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