Candlestick Pattern - Inside and Outside

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Dear Fellow traders!

Few years ago, I have designed and developed Japanese Candlestick pattern

indicator that automatically identify Inside and Outside Candlestick patterns.

My custom designed Candlestick indicator works with all currency pairs, all

time frames, with both 4 and 5 decimal currency pairs price data feed.

Indicator Name: Candlestick Inside Outside Pattern

This custom designed indicator works with latest version of MetaTrader 4

charting software. (Version 4.00 Build 670 - 4 July 2014)

There are dozen of Japanese Candlestick patterns present with beautiful and

odd names. However; most patterns rarely appear on price charts. So, my

idea is to use a candlestick pattern or group of patterns that must regularly

appear in any time frame of any currency pair.

The indicator is available free of cost for FxFisherman forum members.

If you want to modify the coding, then please respect the copyright.

MQL4 coding file and compiled version of custom designed candlestick

indicator files has attached!


Hello Muhammad,

It sounds interesting, I will give it a try to see if it helps me out. Thanks for sharing your creation and programming skills!


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