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Automated signal generation on stock market

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reza_21 2014.02.18 15:51 

Hi All,

I am a novice in the area of metaquotes and mql5.

I need to know if it is possible to have a script or Expert Adviser developed to generate signals on my market symbols.

I have a customized version of meta-trader 5 with my market symbols already present in the system. I don't need an automated trading system, I  need the script to generate signals based on my conditions, for instance recognize harmonic patterns or candlestick patterns  on selected number of symbols and generate signals that can be written to a file and be used in another software. 

 My questions are:

1- Is it possible to do this using this platform, are there any developer capable of doing this?

2- How much is the rough cost of such a job in case it is possible?


If I am posting this in a wrong place, please guide me where I should post this question? 


Thanks for your help and support 

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2014.02.18 16:40  
I think - you need to use Job service
reza_21 2014.02.18 16:46  

I guess you are right, But since the job description is vague for me in the sense that it is possible to do or not, I though to ask in a forum to get an idea of the feasibility of the project.


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