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[share] Trend indic with text-to-speech

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Hi guys,

i add text- to- speech function at this trend indi ( i'm not a coder), for testing on your MT4 platform.

Before you need to install or configure TTS engine on your computer or else it will mute !

it display window text alert and play voice TTS ( period , pair symbol, Up or Down according to the direction of trend )

You need also two modules, that must be installed in "libraries" and "include" folder.

Also check "allow dll import" in expert advisors menu.

You can see TSS.doc for more details.


gSpeak.mqh 1 kb
speak.dll 36 kb
TTS.doc 48 kb

Update v1.0 to v1.1

Input parameter added : Text_To_Speech_Alerts

In some case, many simultaneous tts messages can be the cause of mt4 slowdown ...

For exemple, if many TimeFrames are open with the same template

( cause simultaneous tts voice )

Now, you can desactivate / activate the Text-To-Speech voice

according to "false" or "true" parameter in properties menu indi.

( sorry for my horrible english )

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