Neural Network indicator - Any potential users?

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I am a final year computer science student,

As my end of year project, I am creating a web-based charting software (very similar to the Yahoo Finance Charts with all the usual indicators i.e. Stochastics, Moving averages, RSI, etc...)

but with a major addition - the neural network based indicator.

As freely available neural network indicators seem rare, I would like to know:

- if anybody on these forums would consider using such a system? (my charting solution)

- do you have any knowledge about neural networks? (none required)

- any suggestions? or features you would like to see?


- The aNN (artificial neural network) indicator will be displayed using default setting values (number of hidden neurons, etc...) so that even users with NO knowledge of Neural Networks can use the indicator.

- The aNN indicator will also allow a user to change these default values (for advanced/experimenting users).

- Stock market feeds will be used at first. But FOREX currency pairs data can easily be added.

All comments welcome


First of all, welcome on the board... Hope you will enjoy and benefit from here...

Your project seems to be a very nice and interesting one... And since currently, the Magic word see to be 'Neural Network'... You will be getting many people very soon who will be experimenting and helping you with this charting system and indicator... Go on... We are supporting you...

Best of luck... Keep us updated on the progress...



I haven’t before about a neutral indicator, very interesting about it, can you tell me know what are the advantages or disadvantages to use it?

Also I want to know if this can work of my Demo. Im using MT4 from Tradeview, so I don’t know if that can be a problem.


ANN indicator would be nice. I had some experiments with neural network, genetic algorithm, genetic programming, and simulated annealing. I can say these technologies have some potentials.

I think it's not feasible to put in the technical parameters, such as the number of neurons and the number of layers, at the user presentation level. I think these are for an ANN Trainer program not in the indicator itself. The ANN indicator should just evaluate the data by the predefined neurons trained by some ANN Trainer program. If you allow the indicator to retrain by itself, your server wouldn't be able to support more than a few users concurrency. You should develop an web-based ANN trainer separately from the charting. The trainer would then spit out unique, reusable ANN indicators for the chart.

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