Does anyone have this ZIgZag Indicator?

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Hello, I have seen this Indicator somewhere for download at one point in time, but I cannot remember where and I am interested in playing around with it. I don;t need teh MACD Indicator on the bottom or the 3 color LMSA, I have those, what I am looking for is this type of "ZIg Zag" filter in the picture that has all thise lines flying around the screen.

Does anybody have this Indicator and could you please post it if you do? See the attached picture.



singal.png 315 kb
Mats Gimming Myhre
Mats Gimming Myhre  

All the lines?

There are several indicators in this picture. The horisontal ones are a fibonacci type indicator.

The ZigZag indicator, which is shows tops and bottoms is a part of MetaTrader. Look in Custom Indicators, it's at the bottom.

The two lines that forms a cross probably is drawn manually.

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