Suggestion for software improvement, MT5, & for new forum area or Help Menu item

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Hello.  Is there a specific area for giving suggestions about the MetaTrader 5 program?  I've looked but can't find one so I'm writing this here.

I give these suggestions:

1) Make it possible to adjust the font size of the data/time on the X-Axis and the price numbers on the Y-Axis.

2) Allow the date/time on the X-Axis to turn off the date & display only the time or have the date only at midnight when it changes to the next, & if the date is being displayed then allow the date to be displayed dfferently than its current format of "14 Apr".

3) Allow the time to be displayed in the person's local time zone instead of only Greenwich Mean Time

4) When the chart is scrolled backwards in time to be looking at the past, allow for the chart to stay where it is instead of always jumping to "now" when the next price update comes.  It's currently impossible to do any extended looking and studying in the past because of this "jump to now" behavior at the next price update because these price updates have only seconds between them.

5) Create a logout/disconnect option so that it's possible to just work inside the program and look at information without being connected to the price feed, and have the chart display its price information up to when the program was last logged in to the price feed.

6) Maybe create an option in the Help Menu for giving feedback and suggestions that opens a window/form from the program instead of going to a webpage, and where what's entered into that form is transmitted to you all.


#3) It does not display GMT, it displays broker time.

#4) Already there

#5) Log in with the wrong password.

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