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Libraries: Functions to simplify work with orders

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Automated-Trading 2010.08.25 09:48 

Functions to simplify work with orders:

All we want is to think about algorithms and methods, not about syntax and values how to place orders. Here you have simple functions to manage positions in MQL5.

This is a class that will allow to open, close and modify your position by placing orders with really simple commands and configuration: Buy(), Sell(), Close(), Modify().

It has never been so easy! :)

Author: outkast

Marko 2010.09.04 04:24  
Exactly! Instead of getting closer to small guy and help him quickly test his ideas, they make every step hard and frustrating (for many even impossible). Authors might be capable programmers but are obviously incompetent designers.
yobisbo 2012.01.25 02:34  


  Hi tsaktuo, great work, its fine.

     But I need a little help; when use my demo-ECN acount  I cant send orders (buy or sell) whit SL or TP... but solve it using Modify.

     With  Modify i can put SL and TP if the order in market its a Buy order but if the order its a Sell only chage the SL......  What can i do?

     I saw your K_orders.mqh code but i cant see the bug.....

     Give me a little bit   ;) 




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