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hicsfx 2011.10.16 15:30 

I have found some the following systems in the last several years, and as a thank you to all the senior members of tsd, I will be depositing all of them here of the weeks to come..

Unfortunately, I trade naked now and do not use any systems but those still looking for the holy grail, it will be something different to get their teeth into and then these may help.

Vlad Vahnovanu
Vlad Vahnovanu 2011.11.04 16:39  

Can you share these systems here? Thanks!

hicsfx 2011.11.18 13:54  


Sorry for the slowness but have been extremely busy... Also trying to gather all the stuff together, and as I dont used and havent for over a year, its been difficult cataloguing them from old deleted profiles and usb keys...

But as I said before I dont recommend using any indicators when it comes to trading but its difficult for some people to understand that as brokers and industry promotes a holy grail which doesnt exist...

regardless will posted them once properly catalogued, hopefully by the end of the weekend...

until then I have set-up a youtube page for those of you interested in a peak into how the pros trade naked... hicsfx's Channel - YouTube

good luck and keep safe..


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