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What helps day to day trading, and especially if you want to trade S/R levels and see where the daily trend is going in general is MTF stochs. In the examples you can see daily stochs on the 1 hour chart and H1 stochs on the 15 min chart (4 hour stochs are better). In the H1 chart you can see that daily stochs are clearly bearish so the down moves are stronger. Watch out for days when stochs look like they're flipping (they'll appear very close together).

If you're going to trade from one S/R to the next this indicator is handy.

Also we as retail traders don't have the tools the institutional traders have - they have Bloomberg/Reuters terminals we have news calendars. They have accurate volume information which is a huge edge and we have currency strength EAs etc etc (although you can use Acuity which has some pretty neat features including the volume information from a large number of brokers). But as I said it can be done as long as you're disciplined and stick to a system with proper money management.

It's when people like Joe and others share systems and ideas with others, that's how we learn and improve.

Someone once said that a good trader can be successful with a mediocre system but a bad trader will fail with any system. I think this is true.

But keep it simple. If your screen looks like a christmas tree you're going to get brain ache...

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DO you have a upgraded  MTF Stochastic,   tried your posted version, wont work on 4H.


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MACD Scalper

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Hier kommt ein Setup für Scalping auf TF M1 oder M5, das ich als Inspiration für Ihre gute Idee gemacht habe.

Nimm es und hab Spaß. https://www.mql5.com/en/forum

Uuiuiuiuiuiui, Since I get so eye cancer! So many indicators bring absolutely nothing. The most important thing, the chart and the candles, I do not see anymore.

Picasso would be jealous;);).

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