Need EA to control SL


Hello, I've seen alot of EAs coded that use SL as a global multi trade close system.

So if I have SL set at 25 and 5 trades open and they all get to -5 pips well that ='s 25 so the EA will close them all.

Is there a simple SL EA around here that I can use that will look at each trade as an individual and close it once the SL is set?


Yuri Predborski
Yuri Predborski  


I'll make it 10% cheaper!

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

If every trade is having it own magic number so it is not dificult: stop loss EA may controll every trade.

If all the trades are for the same pair so: attach one stop loss EA to controll one trade with one magic number to the chart, the other stop loss EA to controll the other trade with other magic number and so on. If it is for different pairs so it iseasy case.

Bu the way, it is all similar EAs/scripts/tools which we have in this public forum and in elite section as well:

Trailing stop EAs/scripts.

- There are many trailing stop EAs: if you open the order and don't want to pricess the order manually - so those EA may do everything for you.

- script to modify the order by mouse on the chart is here.

- StepStopExpert_v1.1: EA to trail the orders.

- EMATrailing Stop EA: trailing stop based on an EMA. Original thread is here.

- Trailing stop EA with instruction in pdf file about how to use it is here.

EA which is managing the other EAs/orders (closing on loss, profit, equity, magic numbers and so on):

1. CloseAll-PL EA is here.

2. CloseTrades_After_Account_Profit_Reached Ea is here.

3. MultiPositionExpert. Please read this thread before using this EA: this EA is managing the other EAs' trading concerning magic number, profit, loss, equity and so on.

- Fixed version of MultiPositionExpert 1.12 version is here.

- New 1.13 version is here.

- Updated 1.14 version is here (BTW, I am using 1.12 version with real money sometimes and it works fine).

- Updated 1.15 version is here: pending orders delete and alert options:

CloseMode: 0 - Close All orders(open and pending),1-close only open orders

AlertMode: Alert mode: 0-off,1-on

4. The Colonels Chariot EA is here.

Swiss Army EA (Automatic order management) with pdf instruction is here:

How to use it: Apply it to a chart. By default, it is set to manage all orders that are currently in the terminal. This can be changed by changing the "ManageBy" options. It will perform trailing stops, breakevens, or closing of orders (as specified by user) for whatever orders it is allowed to manage (also specified by user). The EA will print to the screen what it is allowed to do, so that should help you along in figuring out what it is doing.

- 'Close all' scripts and CloseOnTime EA are here.

- EquityMangager V2: original thread.

- ShowLeverage script is here.

- MaxMargin2. This EA prints comments in the upper left corner of the chart: account balance, account equity, current margin, max margin, time and date of the last tick.

- scripts for opening of manual orders with Magic Numbers are here.

- tools to monitor spread and swap are here.

- SpreadToCheck EA (spread checker): expert will record current time and current spread in *.csv file.

- spread monitor indicator is here.

- EA to delete pendind orders on specify pairs only: original thread.

- EA to delete all pendind orders: original thread.

- EA to close the orders on specify pairs only: original thread.

- EA to close open trades based on equity or account floating loss reaches: public thread.

- HotKey for buy/sell orders: the thread is here.

- EA for buy/sell at specific price: original thread.


Thanks for the info



do we have EA that is buying and selling on certain conditions

As for example :

if(iRSI(NULL,0,14,PRICE_CLOSE,0)>iRSI(NULL,0,14,PRICE_CLOSE,1)) buy...

if(iRSI(NULL,0,14,PRICE_CLOSE,0)<iRSI(NULL,0,14,PRICE_CLOSE,1)) sell ...

This is not Martingale strategy. EA is opening max 10 trades, 6 are BUY, 4 Sell possitions.


Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

I don't think it will be profitable.

Some other EAs are on RSI thread



I'm not exactly looking for RSI EA.

Any EA that is buing and selling same pair of currency

based on price movement. Something as a hedging strategy.

If price go up-buy, if go down sell. You have max. 10 trades

on EURUSD, 6 are buy, 4 sell.

Something as a PipMaker.