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Hi !!!

Many EAs can show profit in short period of time. A couple of days is nothing for a test.

Example: this EA still under development, but backtest show good profits in the month (and forward test almost mach the results, but I dont have a statement coz I mess with the results of other EA I am testing); but in the long run, will kill your account.

Dont jump on everything you see. You will loose your money.


The best EA

there are many EAs which will perform satisfactorily but the problem is how to find the right settings for the current conditions.

A "good" EA can fail miserably with the wrong settings, whilst one that is not so "good" can succeed with the right settings.

My advice is to look at various threads and read detailed statements and tie them into the settings posted.

Time spent doing this exercise plus your own forward and backward testing will aid in your understanding and who knows you may just find the one that you are looking for here and for free.

After doing this for the past 6 months I am closing in on what will be the right settings on the right EA to suit my requirements.

As has been posted it is unlikely that one who has spent months of testing will offer up his findings so it is up to you to make the effort.

I agree with previous comment that an EA for sale for $60 is unlikely to produce the results as promised. If it was so good it would be worth many times that and the owner would make that much time and time again just by trading it.



lots of useless comments in here. ..." probably the one you can't afford" and "probably the one you don't have"

very intelligent there people....damn smart asses!

That forward test is of only 2 days. I wouldn't trust it. Do your own forward testing. And start with a realistic balance, not 50k. Unless your gonna start with 50k. forward test with what ever you plan on starting your account with.

I have posted a few weeks worth of forward testing on goblin bipoler. Look in that thread and find my forward tests.

Terminater (in paid elite section) is a good one too in forward tests.

Those are the 2 I like.



$60 Ea


Originally Posted by 3ammary

wat about this



I contacted most of his customers for the lat 3 months on ebay who bought the 59.95 EA from halcyonfx - not one of them are in profit and also they are very disappointed. Besides you get a lot more by the time you've learned to program your own system or statagy! At least that way you'll know who to blame:)


Hey 3AM,

Long time no talk. I see you have graduated to the 'foreword testing of EA's stage', and just last week we were talking about how MT works. The reason some of these guys are giving you a hard time is because you're 'green'. In other words they can tell that you're the new kid on the block.

How do they know this? Because when you ask a question like 'what is the best EA?', you basically give of a big hint. I know that the world of Forex is very exciting (on the surface), but once you start getting in a little deeper you will see that it's something completely different. Let me suggest some words of wisdom to you if you ever want to succeed in this or any other financial markets.

1. Forget about EA's for now. Your time will be better served on other market related issues.

2. Read, read, and read more. If you need some good books PM me your email and I will send some PDF's.

3. Look at how price moves. Just sit around as long as you can and watch the screen... this will prove to be the most beneficial thing you can do.


EA's will not make you rich. If they do it will be for a short while before they take it all back. Try not to ask anymore questions until you invest sometime in educating yourself... otherwise you'll keep getting the same type of responses.

Hope this helps,



Nice statements. I wish you all the best auto .

Anyway there are some hedge EA`s witch are developed lately, they look promising to me, as i`m doing forward tests. right now i cant give you statements but they are all with positive balance.


How do we consider that EA is quite ok after backtesting ?


How do we consider that one EA is quite OK or perfect ? Is it when % modelling quality is high ? Or nett profit is high compare to initial ? Or less time period during backtest ? I have to backtest a few EA..... there are EA which has low % modelling quality but high nett profit.... and some EA are high % modelling quality but low nett profit...

Thank you.

what is best expert advisor in forward test

V12. Its run is sin...martingale, but still working. After 3 month from 500eur to 1500. Wonderfull.


Phoenix on GBPUSD shows good forward test results since December 2006.

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