Brainwashing: request



Anyone can convert this in EA?(only a EA based in this,no filter or another indicator)

I use this in the manual trade and i have excellent results.

See attachment file.

Thank You


I forgot...


Enter in the large ball w/ SL 10 pips below of the Aqua Ball and and above of the Magenta Ball TP 80 or more and TS 20 .I use H1 time frame.




very interesting this indicator, it is true that in EA would be excellent.

I have just set up it on the GBP Chart and one has good signals to validate manually.

Were the words "ENTRY" written afterwards or they are given by the indicator?



Hi ,

Really,this indicator is very good!



I wrote "ENTRY" just to say where it's the entry point.



It would be necessary to find a programmer to make us a EA maintaining for valid


i make EA NOW


ok have Finish the Name = Brainwashing v0.1

look Download Section in Forum



Which timeframe and pairs may you suggest?


i will testing timeframe H1

and all pairs

please Testing and experminte


Bravo, i will try it (v2)