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iMAOnArray converting volume trouble?

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Stephen Reynolds
Stephen Reynolds  

In the following code why does it return my object AVGVol1 as 0.0 and not the average of volume it should?

I see AVGVol[0] works and returns the volume okay, so this array work as far as I see‌. But it doesn't work within the iMAOnArray parameter? Why not? Any help on this I would be much appreciated.

void OnTick()
   double AVGVol[1];
   AVGVol[0] = (double)iVolume(_Symbol,_Period,1);      
   //double avgvol = (double)Volume[0];
   double AVGVol1 = iMAOnArray(AVGVol,1,5,1,MODE_SMA,1);
   double AVGVol2 = iMAOnArray(AVGVol,1,5,1,MODE_SMA,2);
   bool risingvol = (AVGVol1 > AVGVol2);


  1. Why did you posted in the Root / MT5 General section instead of the MQL4 section?
  2. How do you compute a five (5) period moving average with only one value?
  3. And how do you expect to look at the last two values with only one value.
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