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Suggesion to create Section for Technical Analysis

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Wagdy Abdelrahman
Wagdy Abdelrahman  

Dear All Moderators,

 I suggest to creat separate section for Technica Analysis whatsoever if it under General section.

Adminstration can make Poll for this suggestion and see the members results. 

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Hi Elliott_Trader,

It was discussed in russian part of the forum and it was some consensus on 3 options:

  • place technical analysis threads on one section on the future (to be in one section/place only) - as a weekly threads, or monthly threads, without duplicated threads (duplicated by pairs, or by analysis in general), or
  • use it in the profile only, or
  • wait for MetaQuotes to create the blogs' feature to upload analysis there only with more freedom for posters for example.

Example with duplicated threads - you opened this thread Gold & Silver Prices 2011 is not the highest compared to Hsitorical prices ? Do you Belive That but we had this thread XAUUSD Technical Analysis 15.12 - 12.01: Ranging so your thread was duplicated one on that time (your should make a post on already existing thread instead of creating your own one for same subject) - it will prevent the spreading technical analysis threads all over across mql5 forum for example.

Personally I like blog options and I am waiting for MQ to create this possibility - in this case - we will have more 'freedom' concerning technical analysis in our mql5 blogs and so on.

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