Meta Trader Download unsuccessful =CPU Crash issue

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Hi All ,

 I am hoping that someone can help me

I have been attempting to download the Platform (MT4 and/or MT5) to my laptop for the last few days but my efforts have been unsuccessful.

I have adjusted my Windows and Kaspersky fire walls and protections in-order to allow the download to complete, but had no joy, even when i turned off all security, uninstalled kaspersky and made sure i deleted any previous mt4/5 files and download packages.

But all my efforts result in computer crash once the download bar reaches 100%

I searched the blog posts on this site and the internet and applied the advice with no different result e.g. specifying D drive on download settings

Attempted to download from this official site first, then after tried downloading the platform from many (several) other brokers, made no difference

Only thing i have achieved was to download to my tablet (through google play) which was quick and easy no issues.

However I need to have this on my laptop (Windows 7, plenty of memory/space available) to conduct strategy testing and build my own signals. 

How can i achieve this ?

Please please help 

Mohammad Soubra
Mohammad Soubra  

Report that problem to the Service Desk


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