Serious problems of signal provider page

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Javad Nejati
Javad Nejati  

I tested one signal provider for sample.

I think page of signal provider has 2 serious problem , It can be so better by noticing moderators.

1.Most important of a signal is drawdown,unfortunately signal providers uses a guile! ... Deposit account!...It is obviously manipulating Drawdown, look at below picture.
(21% Drawdown decreased to 12% although again increased ... in fact real DD is more)
2.MAE,MFE are important but for it showed small number of trade, for example a signal provider has 450 trade but 50 MAE,MFE, !!

How  ?! in addition I think is very very good instrument show average of MAE MFE , that can shows ability of signal provider to hunting best point for enter , risk of account, surely an account by average profit 20 and average MFE 30, MAE -5 is very very very better and safer from an account
20 and average MFE 20, MAE -50 !!!

3.Almost all of the signal provider use 2 or 3 or 6 trade 0.01 LOT that can use 0.06 LOT on one trade,,, why ?! because when every body look say Oh! 1800 success trade (in real 300 trade) !!

4.Why drawdown shows only one or 2 month on some signals while it has 2 years age ?!!


For now please answer me can I have MAE MOE data anywhere ?

Captre.PNG 28 kb
Cre.PNG 16 kb
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