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MFE/MAE graph

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Myles Crouch-Anderson
Myles Crouch-Anderson 2014.12.18 15:11 

Hi, I am a signal provider and I want to use the MFE/MAE graph to optimise my TP/SL.

However, the graph on this site doesn't show my data properly.. the scale is too large so my smaller trades i cannot however above. Is there a way to export this data to excel (for example) or change the settings for the graph display? Or remove the anomaly from the graph just so the scale is reduced?

I have had over 50 trades but as you can see my smaller traders are hidden because the scale of one large trade is skewing it. 

I've attached a picture below. 

 Any advice on where i can get my MFE/MAE data so i can use it properly will be appreciated (on this site or otherwise)

Thank you.



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