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2-color moving average on QQE indicator, get value question of icustom?

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Hi, everyone

I add 2 color moving average  on QQE indicator.

I use iCustom function to get value of line index 0 ~ 2, but the value of of line index 1 ~ 2 is wrong.

QQE value is right

iCustom(NULL,0,"QQE with Alerts_2MA",5,"",50,1,1,"",0,11,1,3,34,1,1,0,0);

2MA value is wrong
iCustom(NULL,0,"QQE with Alerts_2MA",5,"",50,1,1,"",0,11,1,3,34,1,1,1,0);
iCustom(NULL,0,"QQE with Alerts_2MA",5,"",50,1,1,"",0,11,1,3,34,1,1,2,0);

Can someone help me how wrong to fix?


  1. You should write a self documenting function instead of calling iCustom directly, see Detailed explanation of iCustom - MQL4 forum
  2. Follow that advice you the first thing you will see is the first parameter of the indicator is a string, and 5 is not a string.
  3. zero and one are not boolean values.
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