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tektronic 2010.08.08 11:49 

# Problem 1

1.1 Test EA, using H1, open prices only, EURUSD chart, period 2009.06.01 - 2010.06.01. Below the MT5 capture result:


I am happy the EA is a winner :D.

 1.2 I do right cliick on graph , Save As png and I get this graph saved:


The EA is not anymore a winner . What is happening ?

Checking the logs , the last deal ends in in 2010.01 month but the second graph shows the last deal is in 2010.05 

The EA is a multicurrency. It trades only EURUSD but takes care of the other pairs status EURAUD,EURCAD,USDCAD,EURJPY,etc (10 pairs) using indicators on them.

#Problem 2

For me, It is too suspect the EA is a winner in the first period and fails in the second period as the 2nd graph shows.  I used default parameters with no optimization at all.

While this can happen and be correct I suspect there are problems with tick time synchronization on pairs like I noted in this post:

I would expect the EA to fail most of the time in the tested period or be something randomly, but not to be a good winner a long time then looser.

 # Problem 3

The Results Tab does not appear as you see 

#Problem 4.

I have now ~2 months of trying to implement a multicurrency EA and I got a lot of troubles being impossible to get it moved despite of quite some long time coding experience.

Posted a bunch of problems on the forum but it seems they are still not solved after so long time.

I am tired and going to give up. Thank you. 

baq 2010.08.08 14:31  

It looks as if your EA is still running on scrrenshot #1 (that is why there is no results tab yet). The second screenshot shows the "finished" script. I'm not sure why this happens, if it's a multicurrency script, maybe it's downloading some data in the background or maybe there is some loop that keeps it working...

PS. you are right that MT5 is still in very early stage of development/beta testing and without some more features there is no point moving to this platform, but I'm not giving up yet, keep checking the forum like myself, maybe soon some things will get fixed...

tektronic 2010.08.08 15:14  

The EA test has finished the job for sure. I checked this.  The data is downloaded fully for all symbols. I ve done hundreds of tests. The tester does not download data if it already exists. I checked this too.

The shot #1 is taken after the EA is done, the Core agents are disconnected and the shot#2 is taken via right click on chart save/copy as png .

Regarding the Results Tab missing, it happened in past too. I notified in a post several weeks ago. 

I used latest build 305. I noted also after a test is done , trying to test again the tester does not want to do it again. I have to restart Metatrader and in many cases the MT does not want to start. I have to kill the terminal.exe in the Processes list. These things did not happen in 302 and 295 and the others. Maybe my PC got tired it also ?

I understand the MT5 is in beta but I do not agree to be in the 'early' stage since beta started in February, 7 months ago and I would have expected the major problems to be fixed until now. 

I am frustrated, of course. 

Documentation on MQL5: Standard Constants, Enumerations and Structures / Chart Constants / Types of Chart Events
Standard Constants, Enumerations and Structures / Chart Constants / Types of Chart Events - Documentation on MQL5
Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov 2010.08.10 11:40  


 # Problem 3

The Results Tab does not appear as you see 

Could you write to servicedesk about problems 3?
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