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multiple problems with EA

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md 2016.10.31 11:43 

Hey guys.. I have an EA that wanna change it to what i want, but there are some issues that i can't solve them...

1. Another problem in my ea is that it does not see my condition for starting an order (line 66 and 72) and it open trade on open[0], beside when for ex, it open a buy position and after some time if price goes down and pass the sell condition, it doesn't trigger sell order.

2. how should I make ea to see just part of balance when i back testing it..

what i want is when balance for ex, reach 12,000$ from 10,000$, i want to store 2000$ as profit and ea trade with the rest of balance again, and i want to print this profit on screen, and when it happens again, it store another  2000$, and shows me 4000$ on screen,  and trade with the rest of balance again and so on...

ok, this is my ea, thank you guys...

Wang Qi
Wang Qi 2016.11.01 00:07  

1, In line 66 and 72, you should use Poin instead of Point.

2, Make your EA handle that. The tester can't do it for you.

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