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Alexkbrno 2016.10.04 10:49 

Ok, So I have this issue, my one click trading doesn't work. I run Windows 10 Ver. 4.00 build 1010. When you open chart and you right click on it you should have one click option there except it's not there at all and never was. So I go to Tools/Strategies asnd allow one click trading, restart my mt4 but to no result. It's just not there whatsoever, so I uninstall the mt4, reboot and install fresh again to again no result. I have done it like 5 times now, installing into different folders not unde program files an so on but still it doesn't work.

I really don't know what to do, seems like i am the only one with this technical problem. Spent last 4hrs trying to solve this, searching for help. funny thing is that only time the one click works is when I install mt5, but unfortunately it is not supported by my broker so. Please somebody help

Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro 2016.10.04 11:26  

Please don't double post! You already posted in an older thread, so why start another one!

To use One Click trading (Alt+T), you need to first activate it in the configuration: "Options (Ctrl+O)" -> "Trade" -> "One Click trading".

Also, make sure that the Symbol in question and that your Broker allows One Click trading! Try it on a different Symbol, such as EUR/USD or installing MetaTrader from another broker of from the MetaQuotes website.
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