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how to use 5 signals with 5 diffrent MT4 programs on 1 computer.

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chakras 2015.04.29 11:33 



I want to subscribe to 5 signals, using 5 different MT4 programs on 1 computer.

So i have 1 computer, 5 diffrent MT4 programs are running.

Each MT4 was installed in different folder, so it's possible to run it 5 times on 1 computer, that is no problem.

Now... i want to subscribe to signals, 1 signal for each MT4 platform.

How do i do this??

When i click subscribe, it will automatically open with the latest installed one.

So it all comes in 1 MT4....

How can i open a signal MANUALLY ?

Is there somewhere a search option for signal, so when i have MT4 opened that i can manually open & subscribe?
And is it possible with 1 MQL5 account, or should i also need 5 different MQL5 accounts?


PLease help ;)

Thanx in advance 

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