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Encrypting my very good EA

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adibi83 2016.07.30 19:32 

Hi there...

So, I developed a very good EA (IMHO), comprised of 5 algos, back tested it for 14 years (using tickstory, even though my algos are not day-trading), run it on a live account for the last year... I like the results.

Anyway, I'm finding some investors and will need to open a joint account with them. How do I protect mt ex4 file? I've read in different forums and that seems to be a problem. The DLL method isn't that great and these ex4 encryption programs aren't working either, based on what I read.

Enlighten me pls... is there a solution (and pls don't tell me to sell it because I don't want to...)



whroeder1 2016.07.30 20:23  
Since February 3, 2014 (Build 600) Can't be decompiled.
New EX4/EX5 files are provided with a serious and completely revised protection.
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Code Protection: New MQL4 language(Build 600+) decompilation protection and other crack techniques. - MQL4 forum
peter.MT4Web 2016.07.31 08:09  

Whats your problem?

Open the joint account and run the EA on your computer.

You only have to protect your computer. Your investors only have access to the account with the executed orders.

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