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MODE_TICKVALUE returns 0 first run, second call is fine

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Jason Separovic
Jason Separovic  

I'm seeing a weird issue in one of my terminals. When I call marketInfo MODE_TICKVALUE it will return 0. If I run it again directly after, it returns the correct value.

This only happens on one of my terminals. Both are on 4.00 950

Anyone seen this issue before? 


2016.07.26 09:02:53.598 Script TickValueTest.mql GBPUSD,M15: removed

2016.07.26 09:02:53.597 TickValueTest.mql GBPUSD,M15: uninit reason 0

2016.07.26 09:02:53.597 TickValueTest.mql GBPUSD,M15: 1.330795949057131

2016.07.26 09:02:53.597 TickValueTest.mql GBPUSD,M15: initialized

2016.07.26 09:02:53.592 Script TickValueTest.mql GBPUSD,M15: loaded successfully

2016.07.26 09:02:47.160 Script TickValueTest.mql GBPUSD,M15: removed

2016.07.26 09:02:47.158 TickValueTest.mql GBPUSD,M15: uninit reason 0

2016.07.26 09:02:47.158 TickValueTest.mql GBPUSD,M15: 0.0

2016.07.26 09:02:47.157 TickValueTest.mql GBPUSD,M15: initialized

2016.07.26 09:02:47.148 Script TickValueTest.mql GBPUSD,M15: loaded successfully

Get the values in OnCalculate, not in OnInit.
Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  
The tickvalue (MODE_TICKVALUE) has to be loaded from the broker and if the connection is not that 'far' it delivers 0...
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