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ObjectCreate(ChartID(),INFO,OBJ_BUTTON,0,0,0); Problems

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Philb1 2016.07.22 12:53 


When adding objects to a chart via an EA, such as buttons & lines, I've found they're being added to all of the charts object lists, but not to the actual charts. So if I right click another chart I'll see the object listed in the list without the object being on the chart. So if I have 10 charts on the profile & use ObjectCreate to add an object to 1 chart, all the other charts show it in the objects list. I've also found the I can delete a button with ObjectDelete & the button is removed from the chart, but the button is still listed in the right click Objects list menu. With the lines, if I have 1 line on 1 chart, I can delete it, if I have a line on 2 charts, neither will delete.

Any ideas please?



whroeder1 2016.07.22 14:26  
  1. There are no mind readers here, we can't see your broken code.
  2. I haven't seen what you describe. Compare your code to mine. at Indicators: Money Manager Graphic Tool - traders' Forum - Page 5
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