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How to use heiken ashi candles???

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jt27 2016.07.12 06:37 
I'd like to write an EA that looks at heiken ashi candles instead of normal candles but am not sure how to do that (I'm still pretty new at this).  Do I just write a standard EA using the Open[], High[], Low[], Close[] commands and drop it on a chart showing heiken ashi candles?  Or is there some other way to use those candles?
peter.MT4Web 2016.07.12 07:09  

Heiken ashi is not a part of MT4. Normally heiken ashi candels are generated by an indicatot. There are two ways to handle these candles.

1. You calculate the values yourself

2. You use iCustom to get the values from an indicator.

The EA don't need heiken ashi candels on the chart.

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