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Improving Simple Expert Advisor (Mql4)New comment

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aytac 2016.07.11 13:37 

Hi Guys, 

 Firstly I'm so so newbie about MQL 4 and MetaTrader and try to learn how can I develop algorithmic trading as well as I have developed this simple expert advisor at below;

 But When I have made test with strategy tester, I saw that opened two orders (buy & sell) at the same time. Otherwise I would like to open one order at once. How can I handle this  issue? 

 Thanks your response,  

Strategy Testing Result:  


#property copyright "Aytac Ozkan"

#property link      ""

//---- input parameters

extern double    Lots=0.1;

extern int       Slip=5;

extern double    TakeProfit=500;

extern double    StopLoss=50;

extern bool      Continuation=true;

extern bool      ReverseClose=true;

int MagicNumber1=2001,MagicNumber2=2002,i,closesell=0,closebuy=0;


//| expert start function                                            |


int start()



   int digits=MarketInfo("EURUSD",MODE_DIGITS);

   if(digits==5){int StopMultd=10;} else{StopMultd=1;}

   int Slippage=Slip*StopMultd;

   double TP=NormalizeDouble(TakeProfit*StopMultd,Digits);

   double SL=NormalizeDouble(StopLoss*StopMultd,Digits);


   double slb = NormalizeDouble(Ask-SL * Point, Digits);

   double sls = NormalizeDouble(Bid+SL*Point, Digits);


   double tpb = NormalizeDouble(Ask +TP *Point , Digits); 

   double tps = NormalizeDouble(Bid -TP *Point , Digits);


   //Check open orders 

   if(OrdersTotal() >0 ){

   for(i=1; i<=OrdersTotal(); i++)          // Cycle searching in orders


      if (OrderSelect(i-1,SELECT_BY_POS)==true) // If the next is available


          if(OrderMagicNumber()==MagicNumber1) {int halt1=1;}

          if(OrderMagicNumber()==MagicNumber2) {int halt2=1;}





    //Bar checks 

    if(iOpen(NULL,0,1)<iClose(NULL,0,1)) int BarOneUp=1;

    if(iOpen(NULL,0,1)>iClose(NULL,0,1)) int BarOneDown=1;

    if(iOpen(NULL,0,2)<iClose(NULL,0,2)) int BarTwoUp=1;

    if(iOpen(NULL,0,2)>iClose(NULL,0,2)) int BarTwoDown=1;

    if(iOpen(NULL,0,3)<iClose(NULL,0,3)) int BarThreeUp=1;

    if(iOpen(NULL,0,3)>iClose(NULL,0,3)) int BarThreeDown=1;

    if(iOpen(NULL,0,4)<iClose(NULL,0,4)) int BarFourUp=1;

    if(iOpen(NULL,0,4)>iClose(NULL,0,4)) int BarFourDown=1;


   if(TotalOpenOrders()==0 && IsNewBar()==true)


   // Open buy by continuation


      int openbuy=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,Lots,Ask,Slippage,slb,tpb,"Candle bug buy continuation order",MagicNumber1,0,Blue);



   // Open sell by continuation

   if(BarOneDown==1&&BarTwoDown==1&&BarThreeDown==1&&BarFourDown == 1&&halt2!=1&&Continuation==true){

      int opensell=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_SELL,Lots,Bid,Slippage,sls,tps,"Candle bug sell continuation order",MagicNumber2,0,Green);




     //Closing criteria 

     if(OrdersTotal() > 0 )


         for(i=0;i<= OrdersTotal();i++)


             if(OrderSelect(i -1 , SELECT_BY_POS) == true)


                  if(OrderMagicNumber() == MagicNumber1 && closebuy== 1)


                        OrderClose(OrderTicket(), OrderLots(), Bid,Slippage,CLR_NONE);


                   if(OrderMagicNumber() == MagicNumber2 && closesell == 1)


                        OrderClose(OrderTicket(), OrderLots(), Ask, Slippage, CLR_NONE);





   if(openbuy < 1 || opensell < 1)






// Check if there is a new bar

bool IsNewBar()


   static datetime RegBarTime=0;

   datetime ThisBarTime=Time[0];











// Returns the number of total open orders for this Symbol and MagicNumber

int TotalOpenOrders()


   int total_orders=0;

   for(int order=0; order<OrdersTotal(); order++)


      if(OrderSelect(order,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES)==false) break;

      if(OrderMagicNumber()==MagicNumber1 && OrderSymbol()==_Symbol)







whroeder1 2016.07.11 20:03  
bchip 2016.07.12 10:45  


There are various ways to limit your buy and sell orders

Like running a seperate function to total up all the buys & sells

Another way is in your code declare a global variable called 

int count_Buys=0;

int count_Sells=0;


Then when you send a new order and it has been sent succesfully you can add this to these variables

if (openbuy > 0) {



and remember to subtract when you send the OrderClose function.

So effectively you can have add checks to your code like:

if (count_Buys > 0) {  //Dont open new orders } or

if ( (count_Buys+count_Sells) > 0) { //Dont open new orders }

Hope this helps.

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