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Different results from different brokers MT platform while using strategy tester - page 2

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Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro 2016.05.29 00:07  
I've already answered all your questions but your are trying to pointing the issue to the code ONLY.

No you did not answer all the questions. You did not confirm nor deny the points referenced as possible issues, so I have no other interpretive choice but to suspect a coding issue.

But, hey, I've done my part. Feel free to do as you wish. You are the one requesting help so if you wish to ignore the obvious, that is up to you!

This will be my last post on this thread! Goodbye!

AED AED 2016.05.29 12:54  

I conculde that the difference comes from historical data.

Although you clear up all historical data and import fresh M1 data, terminal force to insert some default values of H4 or sometimes H1 to the data. You can do it off-line does not solve the issue. Clearing up every old data from folder, plus checking from history center does not help because H4 file is be created by terminal and it overwrites your produced quality data. I succeeded in some versions but one of them still has pre-loaded data. I would prefer that metaquotes would have a better historical data management and stop using preloded data or at least there should be an option to disable that feature.

I recommend to check historical data and be sure that they are same in all terminals if you are willing to test your expert in multiple computers.

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