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indy that will show the local time of any specific candle/

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binnie 2016.05.05 03:58 

I know there is a heap of discussion on the net about server time vs local time . The snapshot attached shows what is generally talked  about and it seems there is no one indicator that will solve the question. What will be helpful to any Meta User is the ability to point the cursor( pointer / crosshair ) at any bar on the chart and see what that time WAS  in my PC timezone. This would be great when scrolling backwards to trade entries /exits and quickly identify the time in your own zone. Saves repeatedly having to calculate such times of interest especially when backtesting & reviewing.

Anyone had the same thoughts ? 

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2016.05.05 10:47  

Nothing is attached.

I don't see why you need local time at all. The chart is using server time, your trades are using server time.

During testing in the Strategy Tester, TimeLocal() is always equal to TimeCurrent() simulated server time.

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