I am geting MT4 live data in my excel file. All is runing well but only GBPUSD value show N/A

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Ganga Ram Choudhary
Ganga Ram Choudhary  

Hi all another riddle,

At the moment I am using an MT4 Client Terminal and DDE server is enabled.

With EXCEL 2007 I can run

Using the command :

='MT4'|BID!EURUSD I get 1.14745

='MT4'|BID!AUDUSD I get 1.53659


Please note:

That GBPUSD is updating in my MT Client Terminal.

Something is wrong with GBPUSD ? the response is N/A

Does anyone know how re-set MT Client DDE or what actions should I take to get the GBPUSD price.

Also I tried some other MT Clients from other competitors and still same problem

I've also noted that with wrong quotes formulas of the excel cell gets changed (e.x. =MT4|bid!gbpusd instead of how it is typed in MT4 GBPUSD all in CAPITAL letters)

Please help me for how can I get data from MT4 to excel for a particular pair “GBPUSD”


Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  

Make sure

1) GBPUSD is shown in the MarrketWatch of the terminal

2) the Excel-GBPUSD is the same as the one in the MarketWatch

Ganga Ram Choudhary
Ganga Ram Choudhary  

GBPUSD is showing in the MarketWatch of the terminal. When I type in excel cell as "='MT4'|BID!GBPUSD", after press Enter key, then typed formula convert as "='MT4'|BID!gbpUSD" and value show "N/A". When I start my excel file then some other formula convert as following type:







What is xlbgnm and how this add in formula.

Please help. 

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