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How to send string from DLL to my EA?

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Guillermo 2016.03.10 11:46 

Hello, I would like to print some information received form an external library.

The best thing I have gotten working so far is passing an array of chars as a parameter and modifying each position individually.

Is there a simpler solution? Like returning a string from the DLL or modifying a string passed as a parameter? (I have tried both with no luck so far).

Thank you. 

Vasyl Nosal
Vasyl Nosal 2016.03.10 13:11  

no, only char

#import "con.dll"
   int ConnectToServer(char &a0[]);

extern string ip_address = "123.46.4";
char a[];
Ex Ovo Omnia
Ex Ovo Omnia 2016.03.10 13:43  

Returning a string is not the best idea -  it is complicated to control memory leaks. A safe solution is passing the string as a parameter, but you have to initialize it to its max length before sending the reference to DLL.

Mind the unicode when treating strings in DLL. 

Guillermo 2016.03.10 14:09  
EDIT: Got it working, guys. I was passing an incorrect parameter to CharArrayToString... I also made the code in the DLL to iterate through all chars of a char[], don't know if it is incorrect otherwise. I will test a few more things and share my final result!
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