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VPS automated trading

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Hi all,

 i am running my EA on a MT4 platform using VPS.

 My impression is that it should continue running without any intervention or minimal supervision.


 i open up the VPS. it indicates the following:

Connect Failed.

Automated trading disabled. 

Automated trading disabled because the account have been changed.

I have not touched  anything.


is there something i miss out?

- Do the maintainance of server by the broker causes this?

- Do i need to refresh periodically the MT4?

What might be the cause of this problem?


Thanks in advance. 

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  

1) Ask your provider how they do the shut-down the vps for their maintenance: hibernation or/and restart - sometimes a restart is needed!

2) Ask your vps provider when they do their maintenance. Some will tell you they any time they need, some will tell you e.g. Tuesday night, I found one with Sat. 4:00...

3) Write a e.g. Powershell script that sends you an email at vps (re-)start!!

4) Look for a password for the provider to logon to your vps to something. Some might ask you: "May I enter to do..." some just enter..

5) In case of a shut-down and a restart you must check your terminals! They might have been updated (e.g. 940 to 950) and if you installed them at admin.-level their is no pwd-request and that might causes troubles!!

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