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A question

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Forextra1 2016.01.27 01:19 

Hi you folks are the experts here. Would it be possible to make a simulator so when the market closes over the weekend we can use out MT4 to forward test getting the data from the past like the strategy tester.

you know what i mean  it would be like you could reverse the MT4 and do your testing just like you would if it was live but you are using past data to do soI think it's a heck of a idea for us weekend warriors that want to continue to test our strategies when the market is closed/


whroeder1 2016.01.27 02:21  
randy1953: you know what i mean 
No we do not. You have past data and can test with it with the strategy tester; no simulator needed. Market open or closed is irrelevant.
Edi Dimitrovski
Edi Dimitrovski 2016.01.27 02:25  

What You want is to predict the price in Monday (true? or just trying on blind statistics to catch what's most repeating?).

Open feed from suppliers of Futures and Options, where is displayed balance of both, 'they use other forms and names there for buy and sell' and it is not much different than the Volume in the MT if You understand the method how it works, but is what is not shown in the Volume of the Level I platforms, and it is what 'some' call it "speculators are changing the price on the market", but it is balance from realized or USED options within futures over the last expiration days. =That changes the prices dramatically and is called by some traders hidden speculations with the market. They do not stop with pause in Friday.

* Other more simple method (used over decades where none had true data to the date) is :

- If the Volume[] (of traders) was rising at last moments of trading Friday, very possible price will be 'relatively' near same level in Monday at opening.

- Opposite, if the Volume[] was falling (meaning traders were closing deals), possibly price will be much changed in the direction where had been moving during the Volume[] lowering.

It not a rule, but it was used as practice, as like we to say 9 of 10 times to happen like that, but in some situations like with options 9 wins of 10 means more than total success, since in options you can loose only the small start investment but you can gain much more, but all that does not stop there , if used with parallel order of the futures, results in their gains are astronomic, you could be scared from start of few $ to be ended with too many zeroes within days, from the experts on that field, market traders call them 'market speculators'.

I can't tell you more, some are thought to stay bellow papers, anyway it is legal trading. 

Forextra1 2016.01.27 19:58  

@WH yes I understand all that. It was not my question though. I know how the strat tester works what I was hoping for would be using the past data we have in the strat tester and somehow make it work as "fake" data in the future so we can practice our skills on it by forward testing using the past data as a base.

Strat by trader>using (past data but trading as if live going forward> results by manual trading

@Eddim thank you sir not looking for this however it's good info for trading the gap..

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