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Multiple backtests at same time with export to CSV

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Johnson831 2016.01.26 12:09 

Dear Community,

I am quit new to back testing with MQL programming but still very fascinated about the possibilities!

Can anyone help me to get started with the requirement of testing several strategies at the same time including an export to CSV file afterwards?

I was thinking about a "master" EA that starts several EA at the same time. Is that an option? The only one?

But then I would need advise on starting EA with parameters/using external variables.


Every hint is very appreciated!


Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2016.01.26 12:36  

The Strategy Tester runs only one EA. To back-test more than one EA install Metatrader 4 several times - one per kernel!

In order to keep an easy overview of all of them use the portable mode and not mt4's default folders. They look like:


mine (portable mode):


Read more about that:,

or - or use google.

BTW I am using the free Shell Link Extension to have e.g. one Expert-folder for all my installed MT4s.

It could be that this is not any more needed but at the beginning of Win 7 - its links weren't usable!

As far as I remember MT4 didn't 'understand' the meaning of the default Windows folder links - but as I said it could be different now!

Johnson831 2016.01.26 21:04  

Thanks gooly!


It doesnt have to be in parallel but in a row. For example EA with SL=10, then after finishing this and writing to CSV starting same EA with SL=15.

Would this be possible without using you approach of the portable MT4? 

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2016.01.26 22:23  
May be you should read this:
Johnson831 2016.01.27 08:57  
Perfect thats what I was looking for - really appreciated!
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