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MetaTrader4: SymbolInfoTick error when testing on multiple symbols

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Boris Duran
Boris Duran 2015.12.09 17:19 

Hi there,

When I run my EA without lines 5-6 I have NO problems at all when testing

1) MqlTick currency1;

2) MqlTick currency2;

3)   if ( !SymbolInfoTick( "EURUSD", currency1 ) )

4)       Alert("SymbolInfoTick() failed, error: ",GetLastError());

5)   if ( !SymbolInfoTick( "GBPJPY", currency2 ) )

6)       Alert("SymbolInfoTick() failed, error: ",GetLastError());

 but when testing using ALSO lines 5-6 I get the following error:

EURUSD,M5: Alert: SymbolInfoTick() failed, error: 4059

 Is there some kind of limitation of the Tester for working with only one Symbol? Is there a way around this problem so I can test my advisor?

Thanks for any help 

Ex Ovo Omnia
Ex Ovo Omnia 2015.12.09 18:55  
The limitation was always there.
Boris Duran
Boris Duran 2015.12.09 21:05  
Is there  a way around?
Blahtech Limited
James Cater 2015.12.11 09:37  
Is there  a way around?

No workaround, current symbol only.

Here is a link to some of the limitations

Weekly and Monthly timeframes do not exist either, although if you really need them you can build them up from the daily bars yourself.

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