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Help needed by newbie for EA's on FXPro Metatrader 4 platform

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Simon Nadler
Simon Nadler 2015.12.02 03:36 

Hi and thanks for looking...

I'm trying to get an Expert Advisor to work and have done the following:

  1. Downloaded the EA from the net and unzipped it.
  2. I opened my data folder from MT4 and copied the EA to it.
  3. Restarted MT4.
  4. My EA (Overlay Chart) appears in the Navigator window.
  5. Confirmed that the .mq4 file is compiled (via edit).
  6. Enabled Auto Trading.


Only the default supplied EA's work when dragged to my chart window. Ones that I've added do nothing.

The log states 'Overlay Chart' is not expert and cannot be loaded.

Other information

I'm paper trading with a demo account.

I've searched high and low online to no avail... any help is greatly appreciated!


gnepfaljga 2015.12.02 06:40  

open your data folder from mt4, and then

you have to open " MQL4 " folder and then open " Experts " folder, and then paste your *.ex4 or *.mq4 file in the " Experts " folder.

be sure to restart your mt4.

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.12.02 06:57  
Are you sure that it is an EA and not an indicator?
gnepfaljga 2015.12.02 08:11  
oh sorry for misunderstanding your question, maybe you should put the ex4 or mq4 file into the " indicators " folder and see if it works.
Simon Nadler
Simon Nadler 2015.12.03 01:56  

Thank you gents...

I put what I thought were EA's in the Indicators folder and voila! :)


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