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Build 920 - Poor Startup and recompile performance since build 910

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Blahtech Limited
James Cater  

Re:  Terminal: Optimized and accelerated the client terminal operation.

I was hoping that the performance regression that was introduced in build 910 a couple of weeks back would be fixed in this 920 release.

Since build 910 start-up of the terminal with 25 charts with 4 indicators each (100 indicators in total) has dropped from a 4 seconds to 20 seconds.

The same applies for a recompile. It used to take 2 seconds to refresh the terminal after a recompile, not I am seeing over 10 seconds for a compile/refresh.

I have even commented out all the code in the Calculate method before recompiling and there is still a huge delay, so it's not our code that is causing this issue.

The terminal appears to be doing some pre-scan before it can load the indicators


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