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MT4 Notification Error

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forrun2510 2015.11.23 09:44 

Is anyone else experincing errors on push notifications? Last week they were working fine and sending notifications to my phone as expected. However, today, I realized in my journal (on my computer) that the send notifications are failing. Is this just an issue I'm having? Or is anyone else also experiencing this? I tried pinging the server and it doesn't return anything so I'm thinking this is a broader problem.


See my Screen Shot here:



nchankov 2015.11.23 16:40  
I have it as well, even by testing the Notification from Options (through the test button)
forrun2510 2015.11.24 12:35  
I reached out to MetaTrader and she said something was wrong with my firewall connection. I disabled everything and still get the same issue. 
JonDanmert 2015.11.24 21:14  

I tried to disable all functions but error notifications is still there. I also tried to customize SendNotification function, but again nothing happened. You should to contact support.



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