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Baruch Fishman
Baruch Fishman 2015.10.29 18:29 



I am a fairly experienced coder and I have sort of gotten stuck on this one.  I have a lot of text to put on a chart and I am using multiple labels. My client has asked for it to be translated into Chinese at some point. The client will be paying for a professional translation but he wants me to show him at least that the characters will appear on the chart and they show as question marks.  I live in Israel so I thought I would try Hebrew and actually it works but Chinese does not work.  I thought if I installed input by Chinese that it would work and it did install some new fonts but still it doesn't work.  Any suggestions?

chart with question marks

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2015.10.29 19:06  
Are the Chinese syllable fonts compatible with 'our' char based fonts - may be they use 4 bytes instead of 2 bytes?
Baruch Fishman
Baruch Fishman 2015.10.29 19:15  
I don't know.  I thought it was utf8.
Baruch Fishman
Baruch Fishman 2015.10.30 06:01  
Ok so I tried the same Chinese characters mt5 and it works.  I think this is a bug since mt5 and mt4 are supposed to be the same on all levels other than the trade operations.
qjol 2015.10.30 07:16  
maybe adding the language to your OS will do the trick
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