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Pedro Sanz
Pedro Sanz 2015.10.15 07:38 



I would like to know if it is possible to get the mql4 code from an stand-alone .ex4 file.

 I have seen some programs on the internet, they claim that they can do it, but I am just wondering if it just scam/virus fake programs or if it is really possible.

I have actually found something called "Ex4 to Mq4 Decompiler".

However I am not sure if would be safe to use it.

Thanks for any help. 

peter.MT4Web 2015.10.15 08:36  

Since Build 600 it's impossible to steal the work of someone who will not give you his Souececode.

honest_knave 2015.10.15 09:09  

Also just a friendly note: this forum will get quite tetchy about discussions on decompiling.

Most of us are coders, which means you've just come into a jewellery shop asking for advise on the best way to steal stuff...

Pedro Sanz
Pedro Sanz 2015.10.15 09:53  

I never said that the question was related to steal stuff.

 I am also a coder and I want to be sure that my own code cannot be stolen.

 So, I have my EA and of course my mql4 code.

 Now, I want to try to de-code my EA, and, in case  it is possible, I want to check how similar is the "de-coded.mql4" to my original mql4.

But seems like for other answers that it is not possible today. 

honest_knave 2015.10.15 10:00  

The only way to confidently protect your code is to not distribute it.

If you must distribute it, the safest way is the time-honoured approach of using dlls.

Failing that, you can try to distribute it through the MetaQuotes Market which offers some enhanced protection (IIRC).

Failing that, nobody has publicly managed to decompile build 600 code yet. So you are safe at the moment. It depends on how distraught you'll be if/when it eventually happens.

PS: to avoid confusion, it might be better to point out your motives from the start - your first post just asked if it was safe to download and use a decompiler you found on the internet to get source code...

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