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Just Start My first Trade Career

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tradesolid 2015.10.03 20:24 
hi guys help needed .. i just started my first trade on TradeSolid for the first time, I am not sure whether I could trust them or not. I already wasted so much money with different trading platform and I had never been able to find 
anything good out of it. I signed up for the starter’s kit and now it;s going good .. As they have provided all the advance tools and trade signals to grow more .. Can any body tell me how much i can earn from binary trade? .. Any Guru want to reply 
whroeder1 2015.10.04 00:54  

Casino's make lots of money with small margins. Baccarat 1.5%, craps (pass line w/odds) %0.5, blackjack (optimal strategy) 0.5%

Binary trades return 70-80% that's a 20-30% house edge.

If Casino's never loose in the long run, how do you expect to win in the long run against twenty times their margin.

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