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Need help on MT4 sound alert

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kok keong Chat
kok keong Chat 2015.09.09 23:41 

Hi Community,

I need help on how to code the "playsound" multiple time. (ie 10 times repeating) once the condition met. Below are the original coding.


void SendAlert(string dir)


   string per = TimeframeToString(Period());

   if (UseAlerts)


      Alert(dir + " Pinbar on ", Symbol(), " @ ", per);



 Thanks and appreciate for your kind advise and helping hand. I am new to coding. Instead of playing the sound once, I would like it to play a number of times to alert me.


best regards 


Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.09.10 00:09  

I haven't done much with OnTimer, but I guess that you could do it


 when you need to send alerts in your main code


void OnTimer()
   static int count=0;


 so actually kill the timer within its own function.

Obviously you may not be able to do this if you use OnTimer in the code for something else 

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